Sony Patent Application Reveals PS5 Update That Helps Gamers Improve Their Skills

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If you’ve ever struggled to figure out just exactly why you’re not doing well in a video game, you’re in luck. Sony recently filed a new coaching patent that aims to train players in the video game they are playing. Specifically, the patent describes graphical overlays, audio cues, and instant replays that users can access during gameplay, which may help PS5 gamers improve their skills.

Sony Coaching Patent

How the Sony PS5 patent could work

While all of the above isn’t necessarily groundbreaking, the patent does mention some more unique features. Notably, the program would decide to offer advice automatically based on past user performance. The patent states:

A method for processing a self-coaching interface is described. The method includes identifying a gameplay event during gameplay by a user. The gameplay event is tagged as falling below a skill threshold. The method further includes generating a recording for a window of time for the gameplay event and processing game telemetry for the recording of the gameplay event. The game telemetry is used to identify a progression of interactive actions before the gameplay event for the window of time. The method includes generating overlay content in the self-coaching interface. The overlay content is applied to one or more image frames of the recording when viewed via the self-coaching interface. The overlay content appears in the one or more image frames during a playback of the recording. The overlay content provides hints for increasing a skill of the user to be above the skill threshold.

Put simply, if a player dies while playing the game, the game would offer advice and special features to help. One example, similar to a killcam in games like Call of Duty, would allow players to watch a recording of their death in-game to identify points of improvement.

Additionally, the patent shows that the game may offer tips such as “Jump Now!” or “Start building a wall now!” during certain parts of the replay. Fortunately, Sony also notes that users can choose whether or not they want to use the coaching program.

The filed patent doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll be getting the coaching features any time soon, though. Sony has previously filed some odd patents for mobile gaming peripherals. Others, like the PS5 faceplate patent, have later become real products.

In other news, it was recently revealed that DriveClub 2 isn’t being planned, though its developer is working on a new non-racing game. Death Stranding Director’s Cut is also reportedly heading to PC, with it set to look even better than its PS5 counterpart.

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