About us

About us

We aim to promote Intellectual Property Rights among young minds through our consultancy services.

IPQuad Partners is an Indian-based intellectual property research, analytics, and legal services firm, with a team of experts committed to providing innovative solutions to our clients’ intellectual property needs. Our goal is to help corporates, startups, SMEs, universities, and research institutes unlock and protect the value of their intellectual property.

As a market leader in India, we are dedicated to raising awareness of IP among Indian universities, SMEs, and startups. Our experts are committed to protecting your intellectual property through the best possible solutions at a reasonable cost. We offer comprehensive and effective solutions to all your intellectual property needs.

With our global reach and expertise, we have established ourselves as a leader in the industry, with a focus on improving the accuracy of patent searches and analytics. Our team of patent analysts, innovation intelligence specialists, technical specialists, licensing analysts, patent agents, and IP docketing specialists work diligently to deliver high-quality and cost-effective intellectual property services to facilitate the delivery of the best possible solutions to our clients.

At IPQuad Partners, we are committed to helping you protect and unlock the full value of your intellectual property.

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25+ Years of Experience

  • Our team at IPQuad Partners possess a unique blend of legal and technological expertise that allows us to effectively address our clients’ most critical concerns and assist them in maximizing their business potential
  • Our strength comes in the highly skilled and experienced experts that work 24×7 to ensure high-quality outputs and rapid turnaround times.

We're ready to share our advice and experience.

We at IPQuad Partners provide a range of patent services that encompass the entire patent process, from ideation to commercialization. Our comprehensive service offering includes patent searching, drafting, filing, prosecution, and defense, ensuring that our clients receive end-to-end support for all their patent-related needs.

Solutions to Problems

Our expertise lies in problem-solving through the evaluation of patents, scientific literature, regulatory standards, and other relevant sources. We meticulously analyze and rate potential solutions to provide you with the most effective recommendations to address your challenges

Emerging Technologies

Our focus is on discovering new and robust technologies that can help businesses expand their operations. We promote cutting-edge technology and strive to provide early access to the most exciting new advancements.

Technology Database

Innovation requires thorough knowledge of available information such as patents and literature. At IPQuad Partners, we understand this challenge and have developed a comprehensive database to help our clients access the necessary information for their innovation projects

Open Innovation

Our company offers assistance in identifying potential external partners for businesses to collaborate with. By utilizing our extensive network and expertise, we can help identify companies that align with your goals and have the potential to bring new ideas to your business.

Competitive Intelligence

At our company, we offer valuable insights and expert guidance to support your business decisions. We provide a range of data, including technology and market data, as well as sector-specific expertise, to help you make informed choices. Our data sources include patents, literature, products, market trends, and financial data, among others.

Technology Trends

Our data analytics services enable you to monitor technology progress by analyzing innovation activities. We provide insights on growth patterns, geographic distribution, technology landscape, top firms, and inventors, among other key outputs. This helps you stay ahead of the competition and make informed decisions for your business.
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Our Mission Our Vision Philosophy

We aim to assist numerous Indian institutions in enhancing their global competitiveness by aiding them in the development of roadmaps, products, procedures, and licensing strategies.

Our vision is to empower academic institutions to expand their R&D, innovation, and intellectual property initiatives by providing them with valuable analyses and insights on emerging technological trends.

We strive to drive growth and innovation in academic institutions by leveraging our expertise in analyzing future technological trends and providing insights that aid in the expansion of R&D, innovation, and intellectual property initiatives.


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IPQuad Partner is a market based Intellectual Property consulting firm which has built up a major client base among Start-ups, SMEs & Universities.

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