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A patent application must be filed with the Patent Office in order to get a patent for the innovation. The laws and regulations for filing a patent in India have been established by the government. When filing a patent, such laws and procedures must be followed. The Patent Office demands technical details of the invention, as well as additional information, in order to file a patent. The technical specifics of the innovation must first be written in a certain manner. In addition, information on the inventor and applicant must be provided.

There are two ways to file a patent in India. The first method is offline, whereas the second method is online. The physical copies of the papers must be filed in the offline method. All documentation must be filed online when using the online method. It is important to note that the charge for submitting a patent in India online is lower than the fee for filing a patent in India offline. Furthermore, you are not need to send paper copies to the Patent Office while filing a patent in India online.

Services we provide for Indian patent prosecution includes: 

Patent Drafting:

Preparing provisional patent application
Preparing complete patent application

Patent Prosecution (Important Forms):

Request for examination
Express examination
Request for early publication
Reporting office action with advice
Preparing and submitting reply to office action
Submitting details of the corresponding applications
Reporting letters patent document with maintenance advice

IPQuad can help both Indian and Non-Indian clients to prosecute their patents in India. We can help you 360 degrees, right from the patentability search (idea screening) to patent drafting and illustration (patent writing & drawings) and till the point patent gets granted or prosecuted at Indian patent office. IPQuad can also help in filing PCT application (WO applications) from India that can be useful when one’s aim is to target multiple countries (say US, European or Asian countries) in addition to India, from a single WO application.

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Strong Patent Optimized Cost Customized Strategies

Patents are written in order to keep rivals at bay. We construct patent applications in such a way that rivals will be unable to circumvent your technology. A patent like this might propel you to the top of the market.

Patent filing is a strategic choice since it grants the Applicant territorial rights. For example, if an Applicant files a Patent application in India, the Applicant will only be granted rights in India and not in other nations.

We can also assist you with patent filing if you are on a tight budget. Even though the overall cost of the treatments will not be lowered, they will be spread out over a longer period of time. We're presuming you've employed a patent specialist to assist you with patent filing, which is highly advised since his knowledge and ability in techno-legal writing make all of your patenting efforts worthwhile.

If you file a patent on your own, without the assistance of a patent agent, the costs will be substantially lower because you will just be paying government fees for patent filing and prosecution. Here's how you'll need to charge for each stage of the patent application process.


Every business is unique, and so is its strategy. For your individual business necessity, we develop a solid patenting strategy. Of course, if your business requirements alter, we will adjust the plan accordingly.

The procedure of filing a patent in India begins with the submission of a patent application with the designated Patent Office, and only defined applicants are qualified to file a patent application in India for patent grant. The Indian Patent Office accepts the required Forms and Documents, as well as the Official Fees as forth in the First Schedule of Patents Rule, for filing a patent in India.

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