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Patent drafting is required when filling for provisional or complete specification with patent office. Patent drafting may require, writing description, drafting claims, making patent drawing and flowcharts, sequence listing etc. In addition to drafting a patent, our team can help you in patent proofreading (machine or manual), patent illustration and responding to office action.

Patent drawings or patent illustrations are not required by law, but they can assist applicants in a variety of ways. IPQuad provides patent drawing services to its valued clients, recognizing the necessity of graphics for patents. We supply drawings that are drafted in accordance with the patent drawing requirements of the relevant PTO, thanks to a staff of skilled drafts people.

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Patent drawings are graphical representations of an invention that are included to a patent application to help describe it more clearly. These may also be thought of as a secondary language that discloses an invention's true image.

A drawing/diagram is a key component of a patent application since it allows the average person to grasp it better. The necessity for drawings in a patent application for clear illustrations is also mandated by patent law, which makes it easier to persuade the examiner and speed the procedure.

A patent application would not be complete without patent drawings. Applicants must provide patent drawings of their inventions whenever they can help others comprehend the innovation.

Don't make the mistake of putting patent drawings off till the last stage of your patent application. They must be an intrinsic element of the application and properly prepared to make your application stand out. It's improbable that you'll have the abilities to create good patent drawings that showcase the originality of your creation as an inventor.

IPQuad's Utility Patent Drawings and Illustration services are backed by a core staff of draughtsmen and illustrators that are experts in producing patent drawings that are accurate, cost-effective, and reduce office actions. Utility drawings are an important component of the patent application process since they aid in the definition of a complicated invention.

The expense of obtaining a design patent is far cheaper than that of obtaining a utility patent. Inventors and designers use design patents instead of or in addition to utility patents for a variety of reasons. A utility patent protects the way a produced product is utilised and functions, whereas a design patent safeguards the distinctive decorative design.

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