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Individual intellectual property rights aren’t the only subject of IP analysis. The goal of IP analysis is to get a broad picture of the interplay between intellectual property rights and technological changes, as well as important market trends. We present a succinct overview of the findings, complete with diagrams and images. Investing in an IP analysis pays you since it helps you avoid making costly mistakes.

When making strategic judgments on technological domains and funding applications, IP analysis allows for the best possible alignment of research activity.

Our patent and other technology analysis services include:

Competition analysis
Creation of patent landscapes
Technology field analysis

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Portfolio Analysis Invention Merit Freedom To Operate Analysis

IPQuad Analytics can provide insights into how active your patent portfolio is in terms of new patent filings, the geographic distribution of patent filings within the portfolio, the portfolio's key technological areas of focus and patents, as well as the portfolio's estimated value and how it compares to competing portfolio vs. competitors.

The preceding insights can be applied to a single portfolio or used to compare two or more portfolios for competitive benchmarking reasons. For your usage and presentation to key stakeholders in your business, this information is packed in an easily understood and highly graphic Portfolio Analysis Report.

For a particular technology, IPQuad Analytics can create a very visual topographical terrain. This information reveals where in terms of patent protection the congested and relatively empty sectors are. This information, referred to as "white space" analysis, aids in identifying regions of low-risk innovation, making it easier to decide which sector of a market to join. When it comes to expanding your firm into new sectors of technology, technology landscape mapping is very beneficial.

The foregoing information is available in IPQuad Analytics' Technology Landscape Report, which includes not only the topographical landscape and related analysis, but also information on the key patents and patent holders in the landscape, the key technologies, which countries are of most interest to patent filers, and so on.

Knowledge about one's freedom to operate in light of the current patent environment is perhaps the most sought after information in innovation.

The IPQuad Analytics Freedom to Operate Report produces the same data as our Invention Merit Analysis Report, but it takes it a step further by assessing the most relevant references for potential infringement concerns.


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