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IPQuad’s in-depth Biological Sequence Search is designed to unearth even the most hard-to-find sequences hidden deep within a wide array of patent and non-patent literature, making it ideal for Fortune 500s and world-renowned research labs developing antibodies, primers and therapies including peptides/nucleic acids.

Why Perform Result-Oriented Biological Sequence Search?

  • Get comparative analysis of a newly designed sequence with existing sequences (regions of alignment using BLAST algorithm) that helps in determining if the invention could be an antibody, a GMO, a biomarker, etc.
  • Enable production of artificially engineered/recombinant nucleic acids (DNA, RNA) and proteins (enzymes, hormones, peptides etc.). 
  • Before product launch/scaling up – Performing an FTO Search and evaluate issued patents for using sequences of interest and determine that target genes/proteins have been claimed earlier or not.
  • During patent enforceability checks or litigation cases during Infringement, helps in ascertaining that the sequence claimed is known in the prior art or have been developed using the obvious play-around the earlier know sequences.
  • Before licensing/collaborating for an invention.
    During an intermediate or prototype stage of the product.
  • Post market-launch competition analysis.

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