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Patent Portfolio Analysis

We give the best Services Patent Portfolio Analysis is done to study the patents owned by a company. This company can be one’s own company or a competitor organisation. Some times the portfolio of more than one company can be benchmarked to understand the strength and weakness of portfolio. The patent portfolio analysis can also […]
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State of the Art

We give the best Services State of the Art search (SOA) refers to information already existing in the public domain, be it in the form of patent, scientific literature or any existing product. The state of the art search is conducted to attain a comprehensive perspective of a particular technology area. This type of search […]
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Patent Landscape

We give the best Services Patent Landscape is a search to understand a particular technology area. Many companies order patent landscape to create an internal database of relevant patents revolving around the technology of interest. The trends that emerge from patent landscape can be very helpful for taking business decisions, R&D decisions, gaining insights about […]
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Intellectual Property

IPQuad Partner is a market based Intellectual Property consulting firm which has built up a major client base among Start-ups, SMEs & Universities.

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