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Chemical Structure Search

We give the best Services IPQuad’s hyper-targeted Chemical Structure Search is a highly specialized search used to identify chemical structures mentioned in patent and non-patent publications. Complete chemical structures, variations in functional moieties and chains enable you to draw and identify the most relevant references for inventions particularly in chemistry, biochemistry and pharmaceuticals, thereby boosting […]
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Biological Sequence Search

We give the best Services IPQuad’s in-depth Biological Sequence Search is designed to unearth even the most hard-to-find sequences hidden deep within a wide array of patent and non-patent literature, making it ideal for Fortune 500s and world-renowned research labs developing antibodies, primers and therapies including peptides/nucleic acids. Why Perform Result-Oriented Biological Sequence Search? Get […]
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Invalidity Search

We give the best Services IPQuads award-winning Patent Invalidation/Invalidity Search service enables you to identify patent and non-patent documents that may impact the validity of claims of a patent. Our unique methodology not only helps you quickly identify relevant prior arts but also delivers the information you seek, structured as per your unique legal and […]
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Design Patent Search

We give the best Services IPQuad’s Design Patent Search service focuses on the aesthetic part of an invention and enables you to identify potential infringements or prior arts. It identifies relevant design classifications, term sets and uses them to develop a search strategy that comprehensively covers all the designs in a pre-defined technological domain. Who […]
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Freedom to Operate

We give the best Services Whether you need to assess potential infringement prior to a product launch, or to plan out your next phase of technical development – IPQuad’s Freedom To Operate (FTO) searches are designed to help you identify potential roadblocks that may need to be licensed or invalidated; as well as guide product […]
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Patentability Search

We give the best Services IPQuad’s Patentability Search service is designed with a single goal in mind – to give you the pertinent prior art, cost effectively and at the right time. Whether you are the person in-charge for patent prosecution at a corporation, a patent lawyer or someone with the next big idea, Patentability […]
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We give the best Services Individual intellectual property rights aren’t the only subject of IP analysis. The goal of IP analysis is to get a broad picture of the interplay between intellectual property rights and technological changes, as well as important market trends. We present a succinct overview of the findings, complete with diagrams and […]
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Patent Proofreading

We give the best Services IPQuad Partner’s Patents Proofreading service enables you to identify errors in a granted patent by cross-examination of communication documents stored in the Image File Wrapper of USPTO Public. This not only prevents future legal implications but also saves the attorney’s time and effort. Because the USPTO does not give applicants with a […]
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